spread so thin

longing to just know the balance

relationahips struggling w/ so little or no communication happenning

no one really understands the details.

no one but You, my Adonai

i sing the hymn “Speak Lord in the stillness”

am i spent because i am in Your will?
or am i spent because i am our of Your will?

everyone has an opinion, in my mind i play those tapes.

Oh my Lord, it’s not the strangers voices that seem to be tripping me up-its the familiar ones….have the strangers become all too familiar?


i.  need.  You.  just You.

oh eyes, fix on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of my Faith.

i am senseless and ignorant before you.


yet You guide me-You take my hand.
Oh and the best part is-


after all. this. stuff.

You will take me into glory

You are the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

i am learning to desire nothing else but You-Jesus.

nothing else.

just Jesus.

and His rest for my weary and burdened soul.