well i was trying to post yesterday.  first the computer crashed.  upon reboot i praised the auto save feature on MS Word and moved the text (again) over to this space and worked and worked on the formatting and decided to add one more picture and when i returned to the saved post with the new picture the whole thing had dissappeared.  as i’m muttering in frustration on how i have to start over again and take out all the extra spaces that this blog software defalts to and maybe i shouldn’t be so picky about spaces but shell silverstien cared about the spaces and for some reason it matters to me and how do i know now if this is a really good post that the enemy wants to block or a really bad post that the Lord is saving me from publishing?  

when my wonderful husband comes over to work with his computer skills to fix it.  he cares about the spaces only because i seem to care about it so much.  and there is an update to the software-so we decide to try that.  and in doing so lose all the work he did a year or so ago to make the colors work and the title work (if you squint there at the top right you can almost see the words).  and some of the text now in my other posts looks a little wonky.

so now we’re looking at some other things behind the scenes with the domain and interface and other stuff i don’t really understand.  i get to try out wordpress to replace whatever the current interface is to see if i like it better.  at first glance it has the auto double space defalt too.  and that leads to a question on the name-and it can be whatever i want and do i want to change it??


thank you for grace??

and come back later???

and if you happen to have any blogging advice related to wordpress or some such technical thing you can e-mail me at;

mel at lucashome dot net

and yesterday’s post???

it seems that every time i paste from Word i get an error-we’re working on that too.