ok, so i didn’t know this would be a series….i didn’t know the interlude posts would be one either. 

it is just like Jesus, to answer my questions/prayers this way.  daily and over time.

today, i didn’t know the kids would pick C.S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair to listen to (via FOTF’s Radio Theatre)  (are you catching the theme of how much i just don’t know??)

The Silver Chair is my most favorite.  for me-the most hope building. 

Jill makes so many mistakes.  from the very beginning-mistake!  absolutely, her journeys would be easier without all these mistakes.  yet the beauty of it is that Aslan helps her along the way anyway.  and his help is all the more precious partnered with the mistakes. 

every time i listen to this one, hope builds.  principles of the realities of life shine.  gems like…

Jill: “I bet we sleep well tonight.”

Narrator “Which just shows how little anyone knows what is going to happen to them next”

so if you are in need of a burst of hope-pick up The Silver Chair for a good read (or listen).  actually, if i think about it, i’d say pick up any of the 7 books.  For there are treasures in all of them, and maybe the gem you need is in a different one? 

and in those treasures… hope to keep going builds.

what is interesting to me these last days is that just as hope begins to build, something happens to re-enforce the ‘logic’ in giving up.  the weight of impossibility threatens to engulf.

i feel like i’m on a see-saw.

Yet, like Aslan and Jill…..

Jesus keeps bringing His help along the way.

and it is all the more precious partnered with my desperate need for it.