what i’ve learned so far this month:

God is powerful

  • powerful enough to intercept a cry of lonlieness with broken phones and no answer left but HIS; no one available but HIM
  • powerful enough to move an exhausted body into a world unknown and use said body in that world
  • powerful enough to keep
  • to keep one fighting against cravings for meth….and most recently heroin.  to keep day after day after excruciatingly waiting day while the system turns it’s wheels SLOWLY for admittance into rehab

and that when someone calls a rehab center while coming off of said drugs asking for help, help is not immediate.

and because the world’s help is messy and falls short and is so SLOW

the fact that God is powerful

  • is my only hope. 
  • my only source that makes it so this exhausted heart can rest
  • and so this body can leave that world and return and be present in the world i came from.

Christ. Is. Reigning. On. His. throne.

Can plunder be taken from warriors, or captives rescued from the fierce?

BUT …… This is what the LORD says:

Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce;
I will contend with those who contend with you,
and your children I will save…..
Then all mankind will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior,
your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.” *

*Isaiah 49:24-26

The Mighty One, that Great Shepherd of the Sheep, the Redeemer of Old