Psalm 109.21.  A prayer that may be unfathomable comfort to the ill and tired:

“Do Thou for them, for him, for her. O God the Lord.”

When one cannot pray minutely or powerfully, this prayer suffices.  We need not tell Love what to do; Love knows.

-Amy Carmichael

Amy lived in the nineteen hundreds, this is how Psalm 109:21 read in her day;  “But do *thou* for me, Jehovah, Lord, for thy name’s sake; because thy loving-kindness is good, deliver me:” (Darby translation).  For anyone like me who doesn’t quite understand the phrase ‘do Thou,’ here it is in the Amplified; “But You deal with me and act for me, O God the Lord, for Your name’s sake; because Your mercy and loving-kindness are good, O deliver me.”