The First 6 Weeks of School.  It’s an old book, used first by my aunt who was a teacher and then passed on to me.  I remember the principles set forth, those first 6 weeks establishing routines and how the class will run the rest of the year.  The importance of putting in time those first 6 weeks on these seemingly insignificant things so that learning can really take place later on. 


i’m transitioning.

and this first week was full of interruptions. and there was no ‘first 6 weeks’ routines established.  just lots of tears and pleas and prayers.  (and rebellion and complaining; “This is Not what i planned for today!”  -to be quite honest) 

or maybe……

the routines will come, i will learn this new place and pace.

but the pleas and prayers-nothing insignificant about that-and how necessary it is for the real learning within to take place.

and this new transition brings with it attack on my identity-as change often can. and that still small voice whispered often…..

he entrusted himself to the one who judges justly.

this first week my Teacher/Shepherd has established what remains the same as always:  

His word is my comfort

His ear is always available

His judgments are just

His grace all sufficient