it’s been nearly a full two weeks since the last day of school and each and every day i have had  an idea, a plan of sorts, for our waking hours.  and i have yet had one day go according to plan.  i sit here on the fence between establishing a scaffold for our time and resting in the One who is actually in control.  these things need not compete with one another, but daily disappointments need tender tending if i’m not to grow cynical and give up all together.

i intentionally planted those pansies.  the squirrels intentionally uproot them and drag them outside of the pot.  i wake to find them strewn across my yard and re-pot them.  i can not make the squirrels stop.  eventually i cry uncle and let the pot be.  but then i see, there in the upturned dirt, with roots barely even covered, this plant fights back and blooms.  so i tuck it back in a bit and bask in the beauty.  and i allow the Spirit to work in my heart, enabling my eyes to see the beauty planted in each of these unpredictable days, to keep plugging away at the work though the progress is slower than i’d hoped.

progress.  it’s always slower than i hope.

so it goes here.  i’ve multiple drafts for the life series, among other things.  and i’ve begun work on some of the technical aspects of this space as well.  over there in the sidebar there is now a way to sign up to receive posts in your inbox.  i know my writing is not predictable, and this will allow you to receive an email with the post each time one is published.

i appreciate all of you who stick it out with me and this space, thank you thank you.  if you try out the e-mail thing and find anything not working, drop me a line at mel at lucashome dot net.

and may you know that deep comfort from the One who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them by name.  Because of His mighty strength and great power, not one of them is missing, not a one.  He is keeping track of the stars, and oh so much more, He is keeping track of you and me!

to draw further in: Isaiah 40, quoted above is verse 26