She’s come home.  But she doesn’t know it yet.  she paces, she cries, she scratches to get out and go back to where she came from.  not only does she not know this place, she does not know us.  so she does not know yet that she is safe and loved…….

 and home.

 she didn’t ask for this today.  she doesn’t know how good it will be.  she had gotten used to her foster home.  she had gotten used to their smells, their routine, their noises.  she doesn’t know this.  today started out like any other.  it even included a bonus-car ride!  But then, then it’s a new car and the ones she knows left and here she is with these new people.  she likes these new people, but where did her old people go? 

After about 3 hours, she settles enough to lay down.  eventually she settles enough to rest her head.  finally, she follows me into my room, i sit at my desk, and she settles herself onto my bed …… and sleeps. 


Welcome home Lady.  we will love you well.

 When has your day/life been interrupted-only to discover later that what you were given was better than you dared imagine?