for when life is closing in and i can’t form a thought-i often just sing.  every tribe and nation has songs.  the jewish people sang the pslams.  the angels in heaven and all creation sings praises to our King of Kings.

music-it’s one of my most favorite provisions: comforting, encouraging, rejoicing, moving…..

so i had a video i wanted to upload-it’s a group of ugandan boys and their rendition of ‘What a Friend we have in Jesus’  i have never heard anyone else harmonize it the way they did.  But instead, all i can show is this photo:

it was some of the most fun i had when in Uganda-my dear friend Cricket playing the accordian and listening to these voices sing in a way only they can.


Lately i’ve been listening to Jon Foreman’s ‘seasons’ albums.  this one’s from the ‘Spring’ EP.  it catches in my head and is a great truth to have on repeat whilst washing dishes, folding clothes, etc.



remembering this particular definition:

6. Provide, in a transitive sense, is followed by against or for. We provide warm clothing against the inclemencies of the weather; we provide necessaries against a time of need; or we provide warm clothing for winter, &c.

music-a powerful provision for life.

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