“The Christian Life is a dynamic journey of knowing Him-anytime i am living out of old pains and drives to achieve means i’m missing a piece of the puzzle of who God is.”
 -Robbie Ankarlo

if i believe God to be distant and annoyed with me-my prayers (or lack of prayer) will reflect that.

if i believe God to be near and delighted to be so-my prayers will reflect that as well.

Each aspect of His character i’ve come to know influences the way i am communing with the One who invites me to call Him Father.  Each reminder of who He is that i give to my heart draws me deeper into authentically relating with this One who invites me into His Throne Room.


As time goes by i find myself more and more aware at how very little i know about life, about my own life.  i don’t know what is in store 5 minutes from now.  i don’t know how my children interpret my words and behaviors.  i don’t know what God is doing in the places He’s told me to go.  This One who knows everything has whispered to me time and time and time again; “you don’t need to know”

today, this One who makes Himself known is adding to that statement; “you don’t need to know about all the things. You only need to know Me.”