feet hit the pavement keeping rhythm with the breath prayer of the day.

” i am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me”

“Abba, i belong to You”

“Jesus, You know”

“be still, He’s knows the stars by name”

“it’s not nothing”

there are certain muscles that continue to need conditioning, my heart and my core. i feel it as i wheeze easier than i should. i feel it as the pain shoots thru my lower back.

my heart muscle and my core are still far from strong.

exercise equals opposition-that’s how the muscles strengthen. i remind myself that this feeling of weakness is representative of the exercise working. if it is easy then nothing is growing.

seeds push thru the soil

muscles push against weight

back in january we gathered as a family to pray in the new decade. we are all in different seasons-one starting high school, one with a new license, one moving out of the teen years into the 20’s, and the two of us at the end of our 40’s. there was so much going around about decades-looking back and looking forward. we recognized big decisions ahead, vocational decisions, relationship decisions, decisions about what habits to kick and which ones to form.

the question we placed before ourselves was this:

“does it help me run”

john piper

there is a race marked out for us, a Captain to fix our eyes on, a cloud of witnesses surrounding us.

the vocation decisions are secondary to the race. as is the gym membership. it all filters thru what is helping me run my race. what is growing me deeper into love for my Savior and obedience to His command. what is breaking through the noise of the american culture, the rocky mountain culture, the familial culture.

excercise is necessary-opposing those heart and core muscles is essential if i want to see growth and lengthening of distance. the training is not my favorite and it takes such effort just to lace up the shoes and walk out the door.

so it goes with my soul

Everything God sends is necessary to train me:

My faith will never grow unless it’s tested.

My commitment will never grow unless it’s threatened.

My patience will never grow unless it’s taxed.

My compassion will never grow unless it’s tapped.

My courage will never grow unless it’s challenged.

Gary glover

the race has always been full of things to overcome. nothing is new under the sun, and the opportunities for breakthrough abound. laying aside entanglements and everything that hinders. committing to the practices and rhythms that bring the resistance needed for gained strength; fasting, feasting, prayer, scripture, community, solitude. openness to seeing weaknesses and entering into the things Jesus sends for targeted training.

step after step, feet hitting the pavement, prayers keeping rhythm with breath. strengthening my heart muscle, strengthening my core

strengthening my soul.

to draw further in: Hebrews 12 and 13