this playing

dishes sudsing

energy given for the washing

artist girl creating for school

trip to the library set 2 boys to reading

silent night, holy night, all. is. calm.

it’s been crazy around here

for such a long long time.

we missed passover last year when we spent the whole Holy week serving

and stood in awe at what the One who never lets go grasped hold of….

letting us participate-fear and trembling all the way.

now, the anniversary- oh what a year-barely time for breathing.

and i sat exhausted in this place yesterday. pleading.

pleading for energy to not give up on our thursday passover seder*

the kids. oh how they love it.  oh the depth it adds.  oh the work.

breathe in grace to just pick up a rotisserie, throw in some frozen broccoli and call the meal done.

knowing its all the other pieces that take. us. deep.

choosing to fit it in.

i hate that. 

it feels like we are choosing to fit remembrance of You into living for You….(or is it living for us?)

exhaustion is never a good time for figuring these things out.

so tonight.  i breathe deep.  breathe in the calm.  praise for the energy to wash up…

and to actually bake something. (is apple pie kosher??)

praise for the prayers answered…i almost missed it-forgetting i’d prayed, forgetting what i asked for, and the moment almost passed me by without notice.

but it didn’t.  You opened my eyes and let me see this….

silent night, holy night.

all is calm, all is bright.

You came.  You passed-over. 

You never let go.

*not an affiliate link- just the kit i bought years ago.