i was at home in the city getting ready for a trip to the mountains.  reading this and struck speechless with the thought of the gift of the Holy Spirit. the security in being sealed by Him.   had there been time to write-i would have wrote about it. 

we made the lists, gathered the necessities. and left.

left chaos behind.

chaos of the mess in our house, the messiness of relationships here and the messiness brought forth from our own hearts. 

which is why the gift of the constancy of the Holy Spirit living in me renders me struck dumb…  and joyfully grateful.

the road to the cabin winds and my breathing begins to slow.

we have rest there.

i forgot that for a while amidst the work there.*

the rest of friendship and being understood.

the rest of quiet.

the rest of beauty-even with the burnt trees that we need to cut down, there is beauty.

children occupied for hours requiring nothing from me. 

rising with the sun is natural here.

and i journaled this:

in Your Presence is fullness of joy…..
                Oh Mighty One, teach me how to live in awareness of Your Presence constant and consistently

…watching my boys build….God You have a path for my children, and You have chosen this dual life for them (city/country)

                and today

                                i am content.


Wonderstruck, chapter 2 p.37:

“The winding dusty path from Egypt to the promised land proves to be far more than a much needed shift in geography or transition from slavery to liberation; the great exodus is a journey in discovering the presende of God anew.

                Abounding love.
                                Generous provision.
                                                Exceptional patience.
                                                                Miraculous power.”

Oh My Father, i long to discover this Presence anew–
                                here at the cabin
                                       back in town.


and then we came home.

plugged my phone in, charged it up and connected it to the world again. 

began to put things back in order 

and there is this;

a phone call left early that morning.  something ‘important’ (translate- a need of some sort, the needs here are so great…and so complicated)

and i sit and weep a bit inside.

and pray. 

that the Overseer of my very soul, that Great Shepherd of the sheep.

would come and deal with me.

so i can yet again love them.

and be content.


*there’s this whole back-story…this our intended home damaged by wind and then fire.  these 10+years of ‘building’ later we have a cabin.  no utilities.  nothing finished.  but the roof keeps the rain and snow out and the windows and door keep out the wind.  We work on it when we can.