i’ve been praying about a thing for a while now, but last week i picked it up more intensely. 

is it time to get out?

out of the ministry that brings the ruffians to my door

out of the house that is small, small, small

out of the school where the parade walks by?

there were some valid reasons for exiting the ministry-which prompted some of these prayers

and 9 men who do the work of elders and this woman met to pray and search the scriptures and plead for wisdom from the One who gives generously without finding fault.

and the question was put to my husband and i

and we were given the opportunity to get out

multiple times

and we searched the scriptures together to grasp wisdom for the issues. and we wrestled with the hard things.  and when all that was worked through.  what to do with the ministry and how to do it

the opportunity was put forth

to get out anyway. 

if the Lord is leading us out personally-

100% support for whatever we choose.


we attended a meeting for a new school for the one who will be heading off to middle school next year.  his brother could join him there-because they also have 4th grade.

i looked around at other neighborhoods, with other houses

where the teen could have her own room.


i’ve been sitting with the Lord about the direction my life is heading now-this season of transition.  and nothing has seemed clear.

and i know that i have confessed and apologized for the despising of what He’s chosen these last 10 years.  and i also know that i have enjoyed and embraced it too. 

i feel like the choices before me,  are mine to choose. 

am i in?  …..all in? 

or is it time to get out?  

que the interlude