sitting here at Panera.

everyone else brought their laptop.

i brought a plant.

i carried the plant in with me while i placed my order.  balanced the plant and my order while i chose a table.  of course i chose a table right up front so that i am sure to be seen by the friend that i think i will be meeting.  (i feel like the 3yr. old who brought a frying pan to class.  i’d heard of blankets and stuffed animals, but never a frying pan.)

ha ha ha.

this is me.

i’m the one who forgot her phone when driving 2 hours to a place i didn’t know for my daughter’s cross country meet-so when i was lost i couldn’t call anyone and had to figure it all out by myself the old fashioned way.  arriving with 10 minutes to spare (ok, maybe 5), i rejoiced that i made it to see the beginning of the race and i did remember the camera and i took some awesome pictures.  but alas, discovered that there was not a card in the camera so all those pictures are somewhere out in space.  (why is there no flashing warning ‘no card, no card, silly put in the card??)  which reminds me of the time in Alaska as a teen out on a fishing trip in the most beautiful scenery i’ve ever seen.  i took a whole roll of film-a 36 roll even-only to discover that i had forgotten to put the film into the camera. aarrggg.

but i digress.

so here i sit right in front where everyone can see me with my plant.  (i won’t mention (except that i am mentioning it)  that i’ve got a winter hat on and am still in the shirt i slept in because there was no time to shower and it was cold and i like this shirt.  at least i put real pants on. )

but you see, it’s not this morning that we planned to meet.  actually i’m 2 weeks early.  i remember when we scheduled that she mentioned something about it also being halloween, but i forgot that and just remembered the Thursday part. 

but at the last minute i grabbed my Bible (score!) , so i will sit here and eat my breakfast and pretend that  i did this all on purpose and enjoy the music and study Matthew.

maybe all those people staring at me are just jealous because i get a plant at my table and they don’t.

this is learning to be comfortable in my own skin.  

chuckling at the whole thing.

and enjoying the day anyway.