“You’ve been weighed on the scales and found wanting.”  (some translations read deficient)

 This was quoted in the movie ‘A Knight’s Tale’, but even before that, to King Belshazzar in Daniel 5.

 We’ve been undergoing a bit of analysis lately.

~There was the dog rescue organization who conducted 3 interviews with references and performed a home visit.
~there was the police officer on the road headed up to our cabin
~There was the building inspector-inspecting the cabin for completion of the permit.

found wanting as fit dog owners
found wanting as responsible/safe drivers
found wanting as competent builders.

to be fair, the rescue organization did approve us-so we weren’t too wanting.  the police officer was lenient (dropped ticket from 15 over the limit to 9, even after i gave him the registration for our camper rather than the car and an insurance card that is 2 months expired).  the building inspector returned for a second inspection and did finally pass us.

amongst all this ‘analysis’ i find myself frustrated.  but the more i thought of it, the more i realized that constantly i am being weighed on someone’s scale-and consistently i am found wanting.  and even if i did actually move to Alaska far removed from all civilization, i would be left with myself.  i’m always measuring myself-and you got it, wanting/deficient. 

and the choice ever before me is what am i going to believe.  who’s assessment is entirely accurate? 

The One who actually KNOWS-He’s weighed me.  He’s not denied that i come up wanting, but He has declared that i’m worth it. 

worth suffering for
worth emptying Himself for
worth dying for
worth living for
worth helping
worth loving
worth pursuing
worth furiously longing for
worth finding
worth loving


i’ve been weighed on the scales, and been found worth it.

 i think i’ll listen to Him.