posted over at the old blog site; blogs.lucashome.net  to let those who visit there know what’s happening over here….and to help motivate myself to be diligent to finish getting this space ready.


I recently heard someone share a story about how they begged their parents to let them do something, their parents agreed, then they realized what they begged for was altogether too much, too scary, too big and so they begged again to retreat and return to how things were before.  Mom and dad said no.  and this person shared that it was the hardest thing ever…..but she made it through, and experienced a growth that she is thankful to have experienced to this day.  grateful that mom and dad said no to the second begging and not the first.

Well here I am.  I didn’t actually beg, but I did ask my husband to switch me over to WordPress.  And he did.  And he even was able to bring all my old posts over.  And now I’m faced with learning a new thing and feeling like maybe I should have just stayed with the old software and all its quirks, cause it’s hard to figure out this new one.

But I’m not yet ready to ask to retreat and return.

though I am fumbling slowly through the back side of things.

And it will take time.

And though I don’t really know who you all are out there who come here-I felt like I should explain.  And beg for patience and grace and maybe come back soon?

The new address will be chasingjoy.lucashome.net

If you begin to visit there, you’ll not see the content change, but the look of the place keeps changing as I try different things out in the moments that come available.  And I suppose there are some blog etiquette rules that say to do these things first and then let people know when the new and polished pages are up and running.

But this space is where I get to be me and etiquette is for the birds in my opinion much of the time.

I’ll shout out an official ‘moving’ post once the new blog is all ready.

Thank you for grace.