Many a person had turned to his place of prayer, under bitter self-accusation that he has prayed so little, and has resolved for the future to live in a different manner.  Yet no blessing has come-there was not the strength to continue faithful, and the call to repentance had no power, because his eyes had not been fixed on the Lord Jesus.  If he had only understood, he would have said: “Lord, You see how cold and dark my heart is…..I lack the urgency and desire to pray.”

     He did not know that at that moment the Lord Jesus in His tender love was looking down upon him and saying:  “You cannot pray.  You feel that all is cold and dark.  Why not give yourself over into My hands?  Only believe that I am ready to help you in prayer…..do not seek the victory in your own strength….be assured of this-I will teach you how to pray.”


     Our whole relationship to the Lord Jesus must be a new thing.  I must believe in His infinite love, which longs to have communion with me every moment, and to keep me in the enjoyment of His fellowship.  I must believe in His divine power, which has conquered sin and will truly keep me from it.  I must believe in Him who, as the great Intercessor through the Spirit, will inspire each member of His body with joy and power for communion with God in prayer.  My prayer life must be brought entirely under the control of Christ and His love.  Then, for the first time, will prayer become what it really is, the natural and joyous breathing of the spiritual life, by which the heavenly atmosphere is inhaled and then exhaled in prayer.

Andrew Murray
The Believer’s Prayer Life p.34,35