East India man making bricks via Compassion International

sometimes someone speaks and all of a sudden my breathing begins to slow and my racing thoughts halt and burdens lift.  this happened to me the other day when my friend Gayle was sharing what she had learned from Moses in those same chapters i’d read;

Suffering either drives me towards God or away from God.  The only response to suffering and discouragement is to go to God.  Moses goes to God with his feelings, honestly and humbly pouring out his heart:

1. questioning God’s goodness; “why have you brought trouble upon this people?”
2. questioning God’s purpose; “is this why you sent me?”
3. questioning God’s actions; “You have not rescued Your people at all!”

What does God do when His discouraged one comes to Him in this way?

God doesn’t answer Moses’ questions, instead He reminds Moses of what is true:

1. God is in control (exodus 6:1)
2. God keeps His covenants. (exodus 6:2-5)
3. God saves. (exodus 6:6-8)

-Gayle Osterberg



in my own discouragement-even in regard to prayer as i desire it to be-this is the ‘prescription’ i need.  it is so very simple and so very powerful;

go and keep going to the one with the Mighty hand. keep running to the One who is a High Tower and Shelter from the storms.  the One who proves the fullness of His enabling love
over and over and over again.