Amelia Taylor…. ever heard of her?


Amelia Taylor, the beloved sister of Hudson Taylor, was a faithful supporter of her brother’s ministry through prayer. …In 1859, Amelia Taylor married Benjamin Broomhall (1829-1911). This marriage led to the deep-rooted and long-lasting affiliation between the Broomhalls and China.”

The Broomhalls and China

long before Hudson even had a ministry, Amelia faithfully supported her wayward brother with prayer…

Some little time after [my conversion], I picked up a pocketbook exactly like one of my own, and thinking that it was mine, opened it.  The lines that caught my eye were an entry in the little diary, which belonged to my sister, to the effect that she would give herself daily to prayer until God should answer in the conversion of her brother.  Exactly one month later the Lord was pleased to turn me from darkness to light.

-Hudson Taylor-from his autobiography


From Amelia, i see the invitation into something invisible.  something unknown.  something powerful.
It’s prayer.

would i be content to be as she?  faithful in prayer, unseen and unknown by most.  content to be known and seen by my Father alone?

i’m getting there….i’m getting there.


there are those times, when another is sharing from their heart the amazing thing their Jesus has done.  and i wonder if the gasp is audible.  i have their name written by those very words in my own Bible-and i’m left to wonder;

did i do that with my prayers?  or did You simply invite me into the plan You were executing in their life?

i don’t know the answer to those questions.  but i do know that He prompted the pouring out on their behalf.  and He granted a witness to His answer.  and my view of Him is higher and deeper-


He invites me into this intimate communion.  this sharing of mysteries too much for me to grasp.  it’s hidden, unseen, known only to Him and i.  the fruit of which is beyond anything i could conceptualize-as i’m sure was the case with dear Amelia.  Her heart was stirred for her brother-that was all.  and millions in China will never be the same because of it.


Who is a God like our Lord?
Oh the depths of the riches of
the wisdom and
knowledge of God.
How unsearchable His judgments,
and His paths beyond tracing out!