we’d gotten married and moved into a brand new, too-expensive for us house.  we had two incomes and so were able to make it work.  but then we got pregnant, and we both wanted me to stay home.  so i quit my job and we dropped my income-which happened to be more than Jeremy’s.  we entered into new experiences of Jehovah-Jireh; the Lord will provide and it was both glorious and painfully uncomfortable.

and then the company splits and lay-offs started happening.  we figured it was only a matter of time before Jeremy’s number came up and we wanted to be prepared.  So we sold our house and began dreaming of a different life.  one not shackled by debt and difficult neighbors.  one where our kids and dogs could have room to explore and build forts and wander about in the joys of nature.  with the sale of our house we were able to put a down payment on 59 acres of mountain land and purchase a log home kit that we could build ourselves.  the mortgage on the land was small enough that Jeremy could get laid off and we’d be ok.

we didn’t know we were trading the shackles of debt for the shackles of control and independence and pride.  we thought we were being wise stewards and smart parents, providing a good life for our kids.  it was a good plan and we began the exciting steps to work it.  there were many who thought we were crazy and impulsive and foolish.  why trade a perfectly good and predictable suburban life for an adventure in the mountains?  we knew there would be challenges, but felt sure and confident and capable.  as an added gift our very best of friends owned the piece of property next to ours.

this is what i wrote in my journal:

will we make enough money from our house sale?  where will we live while we build?  i have dreamed of owning a piece of land next to these dear ones of ours and our families growing old together.  can this really be?  the Lord has blessed us with this friendship, will He also bless us further with this dream?  i am excited to see.

ahh…this is what makes it worth it.  SO much to explore, so much to discover – the possibilities are endless!  i look forward to the many walks, camp-outs, flowers and rocks brought home, the forts built, even snakes and squirrels!*

and it is true, we were given faith for adventure.  adventure wasn’t a robber of joy for us, but fuel for it.

with confident faith we jumped with both feet: let the adventure begin!  we’ve got this!

(*ok, i just have to add a side note here.  not only have i never once seen a squirrel on our property, but i am overrun with them here in town and i despise it like my daughter despises forewords.  i don’t remember writing this, but it makes me laugh out loud now.  shows how very little i ever knew!)