everything has felt a bit heavy this week, as my writing reflects.  i asked the Lord for something lighter to share, and all day long i have been watching and waiting.

the week has been full for everyone but the Lord gifted us with stories and laughter this evening. and i must say that the deep gut level laughter has done whatever it does in my brain and i do feel lighter.  i think we all do.  we shared stories through snorts and giggles, stories that took twice as long as they otherwise would to tell.  there was the one about that time in the 4th grade when my older boy’s classmate leaned back in his chair to far and crashed spilling books from the reading shelf everywhere.  i shared about the time i cross country skied to work and was written up for being late.  i wasn’t trying to be funny, just giving an example of why someone would quit a job without notice.  but they thought it was hilarious and seeing them laugh made me laugh too.  topping it all off with some good ole’ Calvin and Hobbes and we’ve all drank deep from the wellspring of funny.

laughter is such a stress reliever, and boy have we needed it.  circumstances are still what they are, but we have been given sweet moments of joy in the midst, and for that i am deeply thankful.