i arrive earlier than i’d like to; my preference when attending something alone is to arrive not early, not late, but in the middle.  i don’t like having all the seat options to choose from-i am aware of the way picking a seat has the potential to paralyze me because i’m feeling a bit unsure of myself.  but i was told i could leave my insecurities behind and i remind myself of this as i sit down and breathe a prayer to the One who is in charge of Providential connections.

 i Release it

i sit there, a recipient of Myquillyn’s art.  personally i lack the skill and know nothing about the composition of a room.  but she does.  and her art creates a framework for what is becoming within my soul.

 i Receive it

the time together begins and Traci keeps us on schedule and informed about the important details.  personally i lack the skill and know nothing about the composition of the details surrounding an event.  and her art builds on that framework for what is becoming within my soul.

 i Rest secure in it

Emily Freeman and Christa Wells spend the beginning hours taking us through the craft of writing.  Principles and truths that i will chew on and apply for years to come i am sure. i am paying attention.  We are given a break for dinner and then we return for an evening of story and song.  i can’t even.  These hearts that are traversing the very land of writing-they are so generous in their sharing.

i Take it all in

this is the very thing i need.  i know nothing about the composition of notes that make up a song.  i do know there is a deep place within my soul where things are becoming.  and music-especially the piano-have always been a most effective way for that becoming to transpire.   i am learning about the composition of words, but before this event i didn’t fully understand the composition that makes up a writer.  the frustrations and tendencies and nuances of “doing homework for a living” as Emily so aptly put it.  These two beautiful women have placed their brushstrokes within the framework for what is becoming within my soul.

i am changed by it

Composition is the “State or quality of being put together, The art or practice of so combining the parts of a work of art as to produce a harmonious whole.”*  The Master Artist brought together each and every part necessary; all that i’ve mentioned above combined with the people i met, the hands that prepared the snacks, the families behind it all; He has so combined all the parts that became this Writer’s Barn….and produced a harmonious whole to be sure.

He created a Masterpiece

and i delighted in it.

(As you can see there are no pictures with this post.  i just couldn’t take any and i’m not completely sure why.  But you can go here and here to see some.)


(I will be joining the 31 days writing challenge hosted by The Nester.  unless something else comes to me before tomorrow prayer will be my topic.)

*Webster’s 1946 edition